Classic Cars are Awesome!

by Eleanor Lutz

Oh yes they are very awesome! Here's a mini collection of vintage cars designed by Eleanor Lutz. These are fun to wear not just for kids but for adults looking back at yesteryears in nostalgia.

Wall of #dottinghill

Your Instagrams Featured!

For one of our earlier pop-up events, we pulled out all your wonderful Instagram photos with hashtag #dottinghill & printed little polaroid-like pictures to decorate our booth. We'll love to see more of your photos so remember to hashtag them #dottinghill! Can you spot yours here?

Purple Flower

by Libby Watkins

We receive tons of flower design submissions because well, who doesn't love a pretty bloom? We've also selected quite a few floral designs for print like Tran's Coliquecot and Elizabeth Atlas' 'All you need is Love'. Will Libby's latest 'Purple Flower' submission be the next floral design to accessorize your skin? Score to help us decide!

Fly Away with Me

by Huiyue

One of the 3 glow-in-the-dark designs we just launched on Dottinghill! This wanderlust one is simple and absolutely cool when it glows!


In Austin, Texas

First stockist in USA! Atown is home to the work of over one hundred artists and designers. Located at 5502 Burnet Rd, be sure to check out Atown if you are in the area!

Peace, Harmony

by Chiyo Nagahara

Our first Chinese calligraphy print! This is pronounced 'her' in Mandarin and 'wo' in Cantonese and as Chiyo, the designer indicated, one of the meanings the character holds is Peace or Harmony. So not to worry if you don't know this word, you can safely apply this on your skin and not be laughed at. :p


by Tran

These poppies are absolutely gorgeous and most definitely a stunning accessory for the skin. But who cares what we think? It's your score that counts so let us know if you agree with us or not by scoring this beautiful piece of art by Tran.

ELLE Magazine (Singapore)

November 2013

Here are our gorgeous skin-accessories featured exclusively with a few Louis Vuitton bags in a 4-page editorial spread in Singapore ELLE Magazine. Say What!

Logic of Sincerity

Logic of Sincerity by agnes-cecile

Watercolor art at its origami best!

Submit your fav quotes

Writings on skin

Ever thought of turning your fav line from Pulp Fiction into skin-accessories? Submit the text, select a nice font from our list of installed font types and allow the Dottinghill community to decide if your submission is worth the salt! "Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?"  


by threelivesleft

Just like owls, cats are also a favorite in our Dottinghill community. Here's a brand new Meow by threelivesleft!

Monsoon Rain

by Budi Satria Kwan

This is absolutely perfect for summer! We've been told that some of our residents actually cut the individual droplets and use them as nailart. Now that's an idea eh!

(PS: We're also crazy about the sparkly diamond clutch our Korean model was holding)

Love & Hearts

by Heather Burns

A simple and classic design that is exremely wearable for any occasion.

New Testers!

For all our customers

Did you know that if you place an order on our e-shop, you will find a complimentary temporary tattoo tester included as well? And we've just received our new batch of testers! It's of our Resident Dude with his red shoes and erm...belly hanging out. Cute?

Bitter Robin

by Farnell

Robin, sidekick to Batman thinks that his time will come. We ain't hopeful but let's not dampen the robin's spirits shall we? 


by Florent Bodart (Spkrn)

Get your daily dose of vitamin from this bright citrusy ride.

Joy Ride

By Nicebleed

Butterflies spotted at the National Museum of Singapore during our last Public Garden market.

Atown & Luxe Apothetique

in Austin, Texas

Come check out Atown and Luxe Apothetique in the fabulous Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, TX! Several of our latest designs are now available at these awesome retailers! Fyi, these designs are not even available on our e-store yet!!!

Space Ice

by Eleanor Lutz

As a follow up to DROOG79's popular LOLLIES collection we printed a while ago on Dottinghill, this is a less colorful but nonetheless absolutely delicious mini collection of ice cream sticks inspired by space designed by Eleanor Lutz. Watch this space when we release them for sale!


by blaublimm

blaublimm, a Dottinghill printed designer from Russia loves dotwork and geometry and her numerous design submissions clearly show her talent in these areas. This 'Spring' design captured our hearts in its simplicity and zen-ness. Available for scoring now!

Perfectly Imperfect

Submitted by Tran

Have you guys checked out our Submit Type page? If you have a fave quote or phrase & will like to wear it on your skin (temporarily until you find a new favorite), then why not submit it to us? You can to choose from our pre-loaded font types and if your submission is well-scored, we'll print your quote & give you Dot$20 to use on the site as well! This 'Perfectly Imperfect' type design was submitted by Tran and because you guys liked it, we printed it! Now everyone can tell the world how perfectly imperfect they are.


by Angela Jane Johnston

It's no secret that we love geometric designs on Dottinghill. We've had quite a number of such submissions but only a small handful gets printed. This one by Angela is pure love! We love the colors, the shape and the pattern. Basically everything about it and we're excited that it's now available on our estore!

Zentangle Elephant

by Laura Telfer

Check out Laura's Facebook page where you can view all the awesome Zentangle drawings that she doodles. One of her earlier submissions on Dottinghill, the Seahorse Zentangle has been selected for print and she has submitted a few others for scoring. Here's one of them, the Zentangle Elephant. In love with the intricate details. Click to score!

Magic Gemstones

by Ana Victoria Calderón

Every girl (and probably some guys) need a little bling on them once in a while (or everyday). This will be perfect for those days. Another awesome design by Ana Victoria Calderón.

ELLE Magazine (Singapore)

November 2013

Here are our gorgeous skin-accessories featured exclusively with a few Louis Vuitton bags in a 4-page editorial spread in Singapore ELLE Magazine. Say What!

Pies anyone?

Dottinghill x Windowsill Pies

Awesome pies from Windowsill Pies are now skin-accessories too!

Rock 'N Live

Rock 'N Live by florever

Music is Life. Rock is Forever.

Art of Retail Display

by Dottinghill

An improved version of our display unit for our retailers.

The Happy Rain

by GretaZserbo

Part of GretaZserbo's 'Different Aspects of Happiness collection', this happy little bear getting rained on with colorful raindrops is gonna be such a hit with those who go ga-ga over cute everything.

Anyone can be a Spotter!

Share your eye for design with us!

If you see a design somewhere online that you think will make a great looking skin accessory, then we want to know. Complete our Spotter form and we will contact the original designer to see if they will submit the spotted design to us. You stand to earn some Dot$ if your spotted design is selected for print! Check out our 'Spot Designs' page for more info.

G Snake

by Philip Skundric

The sound of death...and we're giving you three in our Petite size. Deadly.

Jellyfish meets Vinyl

Deap Sea Audiophile by Nikoby

Audio snob under the sea!

Octo + Circle & Lines

by Schuyler Abrams & Sam Cho

Really loving this creative mix by one of our residents, Fairul! Awesome combo of Octo by Schuyler Abrams and Circle & Lines by Sam Cho!

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We've made some changes to our website! Check them out in our latest issue of Dottinghill Post. There's also an updated Design Submission terms & conditions so don't forget to take a look at that too.

Say Hello to

agnes-cecile aka Silvia Pelissero

Hailing from Italy, Silvia (best known online as agnes-cecile) is a popular watercolor painter whose artworks have inspired many around the world. Her portraits in her signature style are always simple with the use of gorgeous abstract colors and details. Over at Dottinghill, we are honored to have printed 2 of her works, 'About a New Place' and 'The Logic of Sincerity'. Check out her social media platforms (DeviantArt, Facebook, Society6) for more of her paintings.

Pets Magazine Singapore

September 2014

A few months back, a few of our skin-accessories were featured on the Sep14 issue of Pets Magazine Singapore. They love our 'Tribal Patterned Barn Owl' by Annya Kai, 'Blue Jay' by Hannah Hughes & 'Patterned Rabbit' by Tran and we aren't surprised! These are some of our favorites too. Thanks Pets Magazine Singapore for the love!


by Chris Wharton

Our holiday special design by one of our fave designers, Chris Wharton! This adorable reindeer will definitely jazz up your holiday outfits.


by M. LaLov

Loving the concept behind this design! Score 5 if you agree!

Other Uses of Temporary Tattoos

Splash by Huebucket

Brought new stock to the TotallyHotStuff outlet in Bugis+ in our delivery bag that's accessorized with Huebucket's 'Splash' skin-accessory. Yup, you can transfer Dottinghill tattoos on paper too!

Fly Away by Angela Jane Johnston

Dec 2013 in Hong Kong

The original 'Fly Away' design looks like this but we decided to put a little creative spin to wearing this gorgeous origami-inspired design by cutting out the smaller birds and wearing them as a 'ring'. It will probably work as earrings too by the way! Show us interesting ways of wearing your skin-accessories with hashtag #dottinghill on Instagram.

Everything is Fine

by Anai Greog

If you like geometric designs, then you have to check out Anai Greog's portfolio! Her geometrically-driven illustrations are absolutely stunning and we are fans especially of her circular artworks. So we cannot be more happy to print her well-scored 'Everything is Fine' design as one of our skin-accessories.

ELLE Magazine (Singapore)

November 2013

Here are our gorgeous skin-accessories featured exclusively with a few Louis Vuitton bags in a 4-page editorial spread in Singapore ELLE Magazine. Say What!

The Universe in me.

Cracked by Andrea Orlic

Discover the universe inside you!

Keep Looking. Don't Settle.

Wisdom from Steve Jobs

A great reminder indeed. We miss you Steve!

Bullet Birds

by Victor Vercesi

We know of people who have been waiting for us to release this to our Shop so here you go! Another absolutely stunning piece by Victor!

Love Life Bar

by Joe Moore

We love how versatile Joe's design is...take a look at his original artwork here and see how we've cut up the individual hearts to create our own 'love life status'. :)

@ H&M, Vivocity Singapore

Jun 20 - 23, 2013

All kinds of cool! Dottinghill had an awesome pop-up inside H&M Singapore & it was great fun accessorizing fashionable shoppers with our fashionable skin-accessories! We offered a 25% discount to all H&M customers and introduced a set of limited edition Dottinghill x H&M Singapore temporary tattoos designed by 9 brilliant Dottinghill creatives! These special tattoos aren't for sale but we'll be running a giveaway on our Facebook page soon so hop on over there to win a set!


by Florent Bodart (Spkrn)

Here's a pretty collection of hand-scissored 'Birds' from an old French book by Spkrn. Get them here for just USD 6 a set.

Melone Girl

by Robert Farkas aka astronaut

How to be a Melone Girl? 1. Cut a huge watermelon in half. 2. Hold up half of that watermelon. 3. Look as cute as you possibly can!

Music Forever

by Adil Siddiqui

Music Forever...we agree...but might be a while before we'll wanna listen to Gangnam Style again.

Pretty Bow!

By littlejamjar

Making a statment with one of the pretty bow ties from littlejamjar's Mister Moustache collection.

Geometric Pug

by Joe Conde

2 real and one fake. Both extremely adorable! The real one in the photo is not for sale but the fake one is on Dottinghill. Come check it out.

Zentangle Elephant

by Laura Telfer

Featuring one of our new Dottinghill designs from our latest print batch. This is 'Elephant Zentangle' by Laura Telfer. Her Seahorse Zentangle is super popular for its intricate details and we were stoked to print her ellie one too. Soon to be available on our estore! Stay tuned!

Hummingbird Ombre

by Mallory Mike

We let out a little gasp when we received this beautiful ombre hummingbird design on our scoring page. Can you imagine this accessorizing your skin? Score to let us know how you feel about this gorgeous piece!

@ Pecan Street Festival, Austin

Sep 27 - 28

Our first big pop-up event for Dottinghill USA! It was a fun-filled, tattoo-filled and people-filled event in Austin, Texas and what a great turnout it was! We had a fabulous 2 days introducing our skin-accessories to our new friends. Check out our Instagram page @dottinghill for more photos of the event.

Cage Up The Passion

by Daniel Tan

Newly released to our eshop is Daniel's simple yet beautiful 'Cage Up The Passion' design. We duplicated this design many times over to make a bracelet, an arm band and a few smaller individual hearts for your wearing pleasure. Oh, you are welcome.

Accessorising Gadgets

The many uses of our skin-accessories

Our laptop's new bff just got accessorized with Dottinghill tattoos! Completely jazzed up the otherwise boring hard drive with our new type design, "Perfectly Imperfect" submitted by Tran & Libby Watkins' "Happy Dog". Love or no?

Happy Dog

by Libby Watkins

We've printed quite a few cat designs (here's one) but not many dog ones so we're extremely pleased to introduce the Happy Dog! In the words of its talented creator, Libby thinks that it's one of the hippest French Bulldog around. And we have to agree! Just look at that red bow and glasses. Très chic!

ELLE Magazine (Singapore)

November 2013

Here are our gorgeous skin-accessories featured exclusively with a few Louis Vuitton bags in a 4-page editorial spread in Singapore ELLE Magazine. Say What!

It's LOLLIES time!

LOLLIES! by droog79

Lollies, Lollies, lots of Lollies!

Kid's got Groove!

Technicolour Rex by Elisha Hale

And this is how you should pose with the Technicolour Rex on your belly!

Dots, Circles & Lines

Circles and Lines by Sam Cho

Spotting one of our fav designs from last year!

Venn Shop

In Perth, Australia

Our first overseas stockist and what an awesome one this is! Venn is a gallery+cafe+bar+design shop for international & Australian innovative products. Located on 16 Queen Street, be sure to check Venn out if you are in the area! And ohhh...tell us how great our Dottinghill skin-accessories look in the store will you? :) 


by Chris Wharton

Penrose Triangle is an impossible object...impossible to resist that is. :p This is Chris' first print with Dottinghill (and certainly not his last!) and we love the simplicity and wearability of this Lunar design. Come get it in our eShop!

Walking Shadow by Jason Ratliff

In Seoul, South Korea

While in Seoul: Striking a pose with our cat in residence.

Sunny Leo

by Robert Farkas aka astronaut

Up your cool factor with this awesome lion wearing his Ray Bans! The colors are frickin' amazing on the skin!

Skull Punk

by Victor Vercesi

Be the coolest punk around town with this neon-colored skull design by the talented Victor.

Catch our Shutterbug

Around the World

One of the things we want to do on Dottinghill is to connect with our residents and we don't just mean virtually. All our models are random strangers we meet on the streets and we plan to do our product shoot in places where you guys come from in the real world. We've shot at Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong & Australia. Stay tuned to find out where we are heading to next!