Submit Your Design

Give us your crazy design ideas & we may give you a few little something something in return!

Download our submission kit which includes:

  • Submission Guide
  • Design Tips
  • Design Submission Terms & Conditions
  • Size Templates

You will need to pick a submission & size category.

Submit your design to Dottinghill

Click the "Submission Form" button below to fill out the design submission form for Creatives. We will only need a low-resolution version of your design at this point..

IMPORTANT: If your design has been spotted by one of our Spotters...

If you'll like to submit a design that was spotted by one of our Spotters, click on the link in the email we would have sent you to proceed with your design submission instead. Following that link will let you see what the Spotter like about your work and also allow us to notify the Spotter that you have submitted the spotted design for scoring.

And the scoring begins...

Your design will be up for scoring by the other residents in Dottinghill for a period of 120 days. The higher your score, the higher the chance of having your design printed as one of our skin-accessories. If your design is that frickin' rad, we may choose to print it way before the scoring period is over!

So what's the "little something something" you may get in return?

If your design is selected for print, you will receive:

  • $100 or $200 cash (depending on submission category)
  • Dot$50 for use on Dottinghill
  • An additional bonus of $100 cash if 300 pieces of your skin-accessory design are sold within 60 days from the up-for-sale date
  • Bragging Rights