Feathers 2 $6.00
by: Ana Victoria Calderon
Per Piece




Hand painted acrylic illustration, part of my feathers series. Inspiration includes: Guinea-fowl, bald headed eagle, flacon, blue jay and black crow!

Placement Suggestions

Back of Neck, Upper Back, Forearm, Inner Arm, Shoulders, Hand, Thigh


birds feathers eagle falcon crow


Resident ID: anavictoriana

Name: Ana Victoria Calderon

Gender: Female

Website: http://www.anavictoriana.com...

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AnaVic...

Ana Victoria Calderon, born in Denver, Colorado, is a Mexican/American artist, focused on painting. Ana was raised in tropical Cancun, surrounded by vegetation and nature, which turned out to be a very big part of her inspiration! Her main subjects are florals, foliage, space, lettering, native american symbolism, and a few spiritual pieces here and there. The artist enjoys working with watercolor, ink and acrylics on paper.

anavictoriana has submitted 3 designs with 8 being selected for print.

anavictoriana has scored 9 designs, giving an average score of 64.4%.


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