Big Hair Day! $5.00
by: droog79
Per Piece




Everyday is a ´Good Hair Day´ for this dude: Bowling along the beach in his spray-on jeans with a sea of luscious locks a-blowin´in the wind. This design is super-detailed so needs to be worn big and bold to be seen in all its glory.

Placement Suggestions

Chest, Upper Back, Lower Back, Upper Tummy, Lower Tummy, Shoulders


character dude surfer hipster cartoon illustration streetart droog79 hair sea waves


Resident ID: droog79

Gender: Male





Droog79 is the alter-ego of a salty-faced, suburbia-fleeing, inky-fingered, board-propelled artist, illustrator, designer and lawn bowls aficionado Droog’s weird and wandering work via ink, paint, pixels, words or just a line in the sand has festooned walls, bodies, beaches, posters, windows, shopfronts, skate and surfboards, phones, laptops, canvas, clothing and publications from Milton Keynes to Mexico. It is an engorged outlet for a precariously overactive brain, imaginative escapism from the daily grind, influenced by everything he has ever seen, read or heard

droog79 has submitted 5 designs with 4 being selected for print.

droog79 has scored 6 designs, giving an average score of 100.0%.


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