Blue Jay $4.00
by: Hannah Hughes
Per Piece




Watercolour bluejay, for your viewing pleasure. Jaaay jaaay jaaaay.

Placement Suggestions

Chest, Upper Back, Forearm, Inner Arm, Upper Arm, Thigh, Shin, Calf


bird watercolour watercolor bluejay paint hipster birds cute paint traditional splatter


Resident ID: hchughes

Name: Hannah Hughes

Gender: Female

Country: United Kingdom

Age: 28

Deviant Art:


To the untrained eye Hannah appears to be slightly short, slightly wonky, and slightly soft around the edges. She has grey/green eyes, a flick of blonde hair, and a splatter of freckles. She is also in possession of a set toes that are disappointingly difficult to wiggle.

Untrained eyes, however, are not known for their accuracy.

Hannah Hughes is a second year Computer Science student who is regularly told she is doing the wrong degree. She's an artist at heart.

hchughes has submitted 3 designs with 1 being selected for print.

hchughes has scored 374 designs, giving an average score of 49.0%.


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