Maple $5.00
by: Mark Neil
Per Piece




My wife and I live where there isn't a large change in the seasons. We come from a place where the leaves change a beautiful color during autumn, and we both miss it. My wife went on a trip and saw a tree that she thought was really pretty and described it to me. I wanted to capture the feeling.

Placement Suggestions

Upper Back, Forearm, Inner Arm, Thigh, Calf


maple tree leaves fall nature red autumn roots


Resident ID: JillSammich

Name: Mark Neil

Gender: Male

Country: United States

Age: 38


I'm an animator living in Florida. I like to draw stuff.

JillSammich has submitted 2 designs with 2 being selected for print.

JillSammich has scored 186 designs, giving an average score of 64.0%.


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