Feather Tangle $4.00
by: Mallory Milke
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Feather Ombre Tangle

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feather ombre tangle zentangle tribal mehdi purple ink red bird girl pretty design


Resident ID: MayhemHere

Name: Mallory Milke

Gender: Female

Country: United States

Age: 34

Website: http://www.MayhemHere.etsy.com...

Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/M2stud...

Deviant Art: http://www.http://mayhemhere.d...

I'm inspired by things I love, like mischievous creatures, Pretty Dark things and bright whimsy colors. My Tangles are a bit of realism with a unique twist. I hand paint each line with in my animals, and keep them bright and fun with lots of color. Each pattern is done as I go creating each animals shape with twist and dots. I draw a lot of inspiration from Native Art of all kinds, the piecing of shapes to make an amazing painting that is unique to its region. But recognizable by anyone who sees it.

MayhemHere has submitted 16 designs with 5 being selected for print.

MayhemHere has scored 62 designs, giving an average score of 57.1%.


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